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What is Black Mountain SOLE?

“It’s a Self-Organized Learning Environment for lifelong learning, for higher education, for entrepreneurship. Dr. Sugata Mitra identified that a provocative question, peer-to-peer interaction, and an internet connection were all that were really needed to allow young people to learn anything. And those same fundamentals apply to lifelong learning, not just young people, and that’s the whole basis for Black Mountain SOLE.”

What is the structure of a SOLE?

“Structure is addressed at the level of the individual and the group. For the individual component, everyone is going to get one-on-one coaching to determine where they are, where they want to be, and what the path might look like to getting there. For the group component, we start with processes that explore our peak learning and creative experiences that also fosters collaboration.”


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What kind of people thrive at Black Mountain SOLE?

“This isn’t a place where there is a rigid curriculum, or some kind of ‘education’ that we are going to do to you. This is a place for people who are naturally self-directed, who want to find out or who already know what they are passionate about, and want to go 100% toward that passion.”

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