Project Overview

Brief project description is an online platform for unlocking the collective intelligence of communities. It's a personal and collective knowledge management tool that's optimal for providing meta-overviews of large and complexly interrelated sets of information.

Using it, people can collaboratively create, map, organize, navigate and analyze networks of information - people, places, ideas, activities, resources, anything! - mapping with all these different types of things helps with information organization.

Why is this project interesting/important to you? is important to us because we think that information on the internet is being poorly managed, and is hard and unintuitive to interact with. With all of the 'intelligence' that we have online, and all of the capability that the web offers us, it seems that we (as in humanity) are not using it to its full potential to help us address the complex challenges that are facing us today. By building a tool that can model complex systems, in a relatively simple way, we're addressing that gap and helping people collaborate and build a knowledge base about the things that matter.

What are you hoping to accomplish?

Although it sounds mildly ambitious (we've been inspired by various 'moonshots' recently), we want to help the worlds communities learn to be self-organizing. A crucial part of this, given our transition into what some call the 'information age', is managing the vast amounts of data being produced online, so that it can be continually transformed into wisdom for communities, wisdom they can act on. We hope that the interface that we are building can help communities interact with their collective knowledge, as well as cross-pollinate knowledge between communities, another crucial aspect of a thrivable future in the information age.

What are you hoping to learn?

We are hoping to learn about and refine further and further: What does a tool that maximally serves humanity's need for scalable knowledge management look like and do?

We also hope to learn about the most forward looking ways to organize ourselves for collaboration on a project. This means exploring all kinds of alternative structures for collaboration such as commons-based peer production, open value networks, and non-dominium.

What resources/support do you need?

In some ways, financial support is our primary need currently. Various groups have shown other kinds of support for the metamaps project by offering interim housing and food for some of us working on it.

We are currently exploring what the best way to 'organize' or structure financial support for the project could be, and what that would like. We'd love to have that conversation with anyone interested in contributing in that way.

Who else is involved in this project/on the project team?

We won't name each individual, but there are a number of people in Waterloo Ontario, as well as Montreal, that are contributing to the project through diverse roles like developers, to grant seekers, to designers. We have around 9 people who are exploring collaborating on metamaps.


Project Status (as of September 17, 2013)

Active - invite-only beta launched October 2012.

Project Initiator/Lead

Connor Turland, Ishan Shapiro

Contact Info

Please email us at if you would like to be involved in the project.

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