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The Wosho Project

Project Overview

Brief project description

Hi, my name is Zack Jones and Project Wosho is my brainchild. On November 6th, 2011, at roughly 4:00 AM, I wrote in a journal my ideas for what homes of the future would be like. These ideas came together as what is now known as Project Wosho. I believe that Project Wosho can offer a whole new type of home to the market and challenge the world to re-think the functionality of a dwelling altogether. It is my personal dream to see Project Wosho come to life.

Why is this project interesting/important to you?

After seeing my first tiny house I knew immediately that I wanted one. I was so excited about this movement that just owning my own wasn't enough. I wanted everyone to know that they exist and give them the option to make one or purchase one. I love making things and I believe designing and building a super efficient home would not only be a rewarding build for myself, but could benefit the community tremendously!

What are you hoping to accomplish?

My main goal is to explore the market and study the pros and cons of tiny house living. I would like to eliminate some of the issues of the traditional style tiny home designs and then build a new standard for tiny homes. Once building the Wosho Home, I will be able to gather more accurate efficiency estimates and pricing layouts. This is a huge step in getting Project Wosho on a roll!

What are you hoping to learn?

I want to learn about different technology and innovation for building a more efficient house. Learning what works well in combination with each other will be a key to making the Wosho Home as efficient as possible. The best thing about learning is that much of the time while you are studying one thing, you learn things you didn't even know you wanted to learn. Those are the most exciting and useful things to learn.

What resources/support do you need?

With a great support team everything will fall into place. Currently Project Wosho is just on paper. To make Wosho a reality I'll need land and materials and plenty of hands. I'm looking to find a great team to help me build the first Wosho Home. The most important element that I will need is moral support. Positive attitudes and creative minds is where the magic is.

Who else is involved in this project/on the project team?

There have been many amazing supporters that have all put some sort of influence into this project. As the project progresses I will announce the who's who. Stay tuned.


Project Status (as of August 20, 2013)

Redesigning graphics and website.
Adjusting house designs and making connections. Preparing for final draft design and building plans.

Project Initiator/Lead

Zack Jones

Contact Info

Please email us at if you would like to be involved in the project.

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