Until next time, Metamaps!

Until next time, Metamaps!

Black Mountain SOLE first met Metamaps in the summer of 2013. They were cranking away on their collaborative mind-mapping platform at Emerging Leader Labs, a social entrepreneurship camp in upstate NY.

Connor and Ben walk us through the Metamaps platformBy November, two members of the Metamaps team had moved down to Black Mountain SOLE to continue the development and documentation of their project.

Today, we were given a glimpse into the world of Metamaps as Connor Turland and Ben Brownellpresented their work to date at a public SOLE event.

Here’s what I learned at this morning’s presentation:

What is Metamaps?

“It’s a mind-mapping software platform, a way to put your ideas on a virtual page. It’s a way to organize a lot of metadata (which is data about data) through rich visual signalling. We’re maximizing the quantity of information that can be shown in a tight visual package, versus paragraphs and paragraphs of writing.” —Ben

[ Not sure what “metadata” is? Wikipedia to the rescue. ]

“It’s an evolutionary level of interacting with information. It allows you to create a semantic web far beyond the methods we usually use to structure data, which lets you connect and categorize ideas and relationships in a natural, biomimetic way.” —Ben

“The shortcoming of social networks is that they largely show connectivity only between people, not between topics, resources, etc. You don’t know which people in your network are also interested in the same information as you, nor do you know the degrees of separation between you and a particular topic.” —Connor

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