What makes Metamaps different from other mind-mapping platforms?


Metamaps is an online mind-mapping platform with rich visual signalling for developing collective knowledge.

What makes Metamaps different from other mind-mapping platforms?

A focus on collective knowledge:

“Each node you create in a map is part of the main information ecology and adds to a shared language throughout the system. The data lives in a common database and so we actually start to see connections being drawn across communities. That means that the “Connor Turland” node in one map can be the same “Connor Turland” node used in a different map, and you can click on any node to see the connections it has in all other maps.” —Ben

A focus on meta knowledge:

“One of the common problems in traditional paper mind-mapping is that the information isn’t categorized with tags that help you filter the data later. This categorization doesn’t exist in most other mind-mapping software either. In Metamaps, the metacodes [icons] provide powerful filtering that can even be persistent [i.e. the filtered data can be saved as new maps themselves].” —Connor

A focus on systems knowledge:

“One of the advantages of Metamaps over other mind-mapping software is the ability to copy parts of other existing maps and start from there. By replicating nodes from other maps, you can make quick iterations of them into new maps for different uses. You can also create “templates” of metacodes which store information about systems themselves. These templates of metadata can be reused to create maps for other similar systems.

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