What’s in the future for Metamaps?


“I see Metamaps as more of a human interface for mapping complex sets of information at the meta level. Not so much for big data or scraping existing knowledge bases like wikipedia, but rather using human processing to map relationships and data meaningfully.” —Ben

“One of the pathways in the future of Metamaps is to use the metadata in the maps to help connect communities that don’t know that they have shared visions.” —Connor

“We’re gearing up a bunch of new technology for the platform and will begin working with clients and partners this summer to create a viable business model on top of an open-source platform.” —Ben

A map built on the Metamaps platform.

Both Connor and Ben are moving on from the SOLE later this week. Connor is headed off to California to catch up with the rest of the Metamaps team, and Ben is planning a Floridian retreat among other adventures.

You can keep in touch with the Metamaps team on Twitter at @metamapps, or ask for an invitation to the Metamaps platform at http://metamaps.cc.

It’s been a real pleasure having these two wonderful and inspiring leaders at the SOLE. Come back soon!

– Andra & The Black Mountain SOLE Team

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