What Is Ibogaine

Ibogaine treatment may be the way that difficult drug addiction cases are dealt with in the future. While there’s currently very little data to base judgments on, preliminary research suggests that the plant-based substance might very well help addicts to stop using the substances that they’ve become dependent on. Alternative medicine advocates in many parts of the world have opened ibogaine clinic complexes that have so far been getting very good results. That doesn’t mean that it’s not an addictive substance in its own right. Use of the iboga plant can cause serious side effects and even death. That’s why it’s important for patients to work with a regulated ibogaine treatment center.

The Infamous DTs

Delirium tremens is a sudden onset of confusion that’s caused by withdrawal from alcohol. It can last for several days after a person stops drinking. Most people associate this condition with strange hallucinations. For many patients, however, it can be deadly. Alcoholics who drink a large amount of alcohol over months or years before giving up their habits face the strongest reaction when they finally do stop drinking. This problem can be every bit as serious as the withdrawal symptoms experienced by patients giving up opiate drugs.

Drug companies have manufactured preparations of lorazepam, diazepam, chlordiazepoxide and other general benzodiazepines to treat delirium tremens. All of these preparations are proven effective when treating the DTs. However, each of them comes with a set of unrelated problems for patients who use them. Going to an iboga treatment center might very well be a much safer option for alcoholics. It’s also an option that’s far less expensive.

Examining the Costs

Ibogaine treatment cost analysis reports are perhaps the most surprising pieces of literature published in connection with this type of treatment. Measuring the financial iboga treatment cost on a per-dose basis allows doctors to see just how inexpensive this treatment really is. Patented chemical compounds cost patients and their insurers around 10-20 times more than natural iboga treatment would have. Individuals dealing with addiction are often financially strapped. Inexpensive treatment options are extremely important for them.

Public health authorities have much to gain by legalizing this form of treatment. While there is a risk of developing an addiction to iboga, it’s not nearly as high as the risk of developing a dependency on prescription drugs. Practitioners of traditional and alternative medicine have demonstrated that it’s additionally safer than the compounds currently used in prescriptions marketed toward those dealing with addictions. Government authorities often have to deal with very difficult budgetary constraints. Since this plant-based organic compound costs so much less than comparable synthetic supplies, these authorities can benefit from switching to it as well.

Legal Considerations

Most authorities haven’t dealt with the legal issues surrounding iboga root extract. While it’s unregulated in some countries like Canada, its use is restricted in most parts of the world. This is based around the concerns that consumers would ultimately use this as an illicit drug. What many legislators fail to realize is that this is still a far safer drug than what they’re used to dealing with. That doesn’t mean that it should be abused. No one is advocating its use as a recreational drug. Medical researchers even recognized that there is a danger of abuse present when dealing with any sort of herbal supplement.

What advocates are instead calling for is for authorities to take a second look at the compound and recognize that it has the possibility to treat those who are already dealing with serious addictions. It’s an opportunity for them to step away from their addictions. Many addicts want to quit, but feel that they can’t because of the withdrawal symptoms they face if they do. Taking doses of root extract would allow them to move away from their addiction without suffering from the serious illnesses that they would face if they tried to quit cold turkey. Considering all of the positives that iboga root extract brings to the table, it would be heartless for authorities to avoid taking even a look at the substance.